Types of Indian Jewellery

Types of Indian Jewellery

Types of Indian Jewellery

The most important part of Indian culture and traditions is the jewellery they wear as without it their Indian attires and festivities are incomplete. It is worn on almost every occasion and each and every design is different from one another. Indian Jewellery consists of intricate and delicate designs that are not only bold but colorful as well. They can be worn easily with any outfit as they have the tendency to blend in perfectly. 

Indian jewellery is not confined to just one type. There are several types of Indian jewellery that can one can come across. Some of them are listed below: 

Kundan Jewellery

The most popular type of jewellery in the Indian culture is kundan jewellery. The word kundan itself implies pure gold and hence this form of jewellery is created with the help of gold and precious gemstones together. Many people living in Rajasthan are seen wearing this type of jewellery as the designs are quite intricate and heavy. They give off a very royal and regal look to the person wearing it. Kundan jewellery comes in various price range and brackets as different materials are used to make it more affordable. 

 Meenakari Jewellery

The other type of Indian jewellery is meenakari jewellery. It is an enamel technique that is often used in combination with kundan jewellery. Meenakari and kundan blend in perfectly and people tend to look for sets that offer a perfect amalgamation of these two techniques. The beauty and actual essence of Meenakari jewellery actually lies in the vibrant colors and the final finishing it offers in the form of its designs. Meenakari jewellery have a perfect blend of enamel art, gemstones and diamonds. 

 Polki Jewellery

The next type of jewellery is polki jewellery.  It is considered to be the most famous yet the most exquisite form of jewelleryif is created with perfection and finesse. The beauty of Polki lies in uncut finish and unpolished look overall. The raw look is what makes the polki jewellery stand our amongst the rest. The main element of polki jewellery consists of diamonds hence it is considered to be more expensive than any other form of jewellery. Main heirloom pieces have a mix of meenakari and polka jewellery which looks quite different and unique than the designs that are available. 

 Pachchikam Jewellery

The pachchikam jewellery has its roots in the culture and traditions that are followed in Gujrat. The pieces are quite similar to kundan but the actual difference is that they are slightly rustic and fragile in terms of appearance as compared to kundan which is polished and has a much more solid look. It represents Indian heritage and gives off a vintage look due to its rusty look. Many heirloom pieces that are passed from one generation to another can be seen as an example of Pachchikam Jewellery. It is an affordable version of kundan jewellery and numerous semi precious stones are used to create different designs. If someone wishes to create old vintage look then this is the best option one can find.



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