Indian Floral Jewellery

Indian Floral Jewellery

Brides tend to look for something that exudes creativity, grandeur and grace on their big daym, one such trend started by the modern brides of today includes the use of floral jewellery on different occasions or festivities such as mehndi or haldi ceremonies.

It started off as a simple maang tikka and now has evolved into something much more than that as brides tend to wear bunch of floral and dainty jewels in different colour combinations specifically the ones that complement their overall look.

Furthermore, many new designs are being introduced and it is much easier for jewellery designers to mold artificial flowers in order to create a new design rather than using the real ones as they are fragile.

Factors to Consider before choosing Indian Floral Jewellery

There are numerous factors that one should consider before they decide to wear Indian floral jewellery on one of their special occasions. They are as follows:

Decide the function on which you wish to wear it and match it with your outfit. 

Artificial floral jewellery is cost effective, eco-friendly compared to other types of jewellery. It can also last for a long period of time as one can re use it whenever they feel the need to so. Real floral jewellery tends to die off easily hence it needs to be bought a little before the event begins.

There are many jewellery designs available in artificial floral jewellery and one can add pearl work to make it look much heavier than it actually is. People can choose colours that compliment their outfits, which is not the case with real flowers as sometimes the colours are limited or the type of flowers they are looking for is no longer available. 

One can store artificial flower jewellery before the event. It saves time and last minute hassle of going back and forth to collect the jewellery. 

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