Kaan Chain

Indian Kaan Chain Earrings

Indian brides always look spectacular on their special days; this can be attributed to how much effort they invest in picking the right jewellery. One of those beautiful accessories, which I believe we all have seen at one point in time or another adorning an Indian bride is a piece that drapes from the ears to the back of the hair. This distinctive piece is called the Kaan chain, and there is no doubt it makes anyone who accessorises with the kaan chain stand out.

Kaan chain has become a part of the latest fashion trend. Previously, it was used to lighten the weight of the heavy earrings. Now, they add a touch of glamour to your hairdo. The multiple chains dangle beautifully on both sides that give an ethnic look.

Jewellery by Alirah offers distinctive pieces of Kaan chains that are available in gorgeous designs like bahu Bali, beads, and jhumki styles. If you’re a bride-to-be or have an upcoming wedding event, rock your bun hairstyle with our dazzling Kaan chain earrings.