Necklaces & Haar

Necklaces & Haar

The Rani Haar happens to be one of those specially crafted pieces. Haar is a lengthy Royal-like Necklace. The term "Rani Haar" literally means a Queen's accessory in Hindi. This piece of indian jewellery either comes in a single or multi-stringed form. What makes it notable is its elongated and excellently crafted frame.

Women around the globe now rock pieces of this adornment with elegance and class. This piece of jewellery is timeless; hence, versatile for both modern and western Indian garments.

Indian necklaces come in all sizes and designs. There is a limitless range of Indian bridal necklace sets that can entirely change one’s look. If you’re going to get hitched soon, we’ve different types of Indian necklaces online lined up for you. From Kundan-style long necklaces to Rani Haars, you can match and decide with your attire.

As the name suggests, Rani Haar surely will give you queen vibes when you wear it with fancy saree or wedding dress. Anyone who possesses a rani haar owns a timeless jewellery piece that isn’t going out of style anytime soon.

 With different raani haar designs available, one can easily get confused regarding how to style the neckpiece according to the dress. If you want to wear a choker or collar piece along with the rani haar, make sure your neckpiece has similar stonework as your raani haar.

Speaking of neckline, Raani haar is perfect for a crew neck blouse as long as the design of the Indian necklace set matches with the dress. If you’ve got a collar-style blouse, it’s difficult to decide which neckpiece will match with this neckline. In this case, you can go for multiple layered Indian long necklaces that can easily be tucked behind your collar without ruining the style. If you’ve got a boat neck blouse, raani haar will perfectly complement your neckline and look luxurious.

Indian long Necklace Designs

Our long Indian necklaces are hand-crafted with love and perfection. It’s similar to Rani Haar style that has beads attached to each string. One of the popular styles in India that can be worn to weddings and parties. We offer gorgeous long Indian necklace sets that come with matching earrings, making it a perfect gift for your loved ones.

Long Kundan Necklaces

At Jewellery by Alirah, we offer pure Kundan necklaces that are studded with gemstones, pearls, and beads to give a festive look. They are in-demand currently and no Indian ensemble remains complete without the Kundan set. What’s amazing about contemporary Kundan jewellery is you can wear it with any dress. We offer authentic Kundan necklaces that are handcrafted to perfection.

Rani Haar Necklaces

You’ll come across beautiful raani haar designs at our online store that you can either pair with a choker necklace or wear individually. Our pearl Rani Haar is made with multiple beads, rubies, and gold strings perfect for women who want to go for a royal rich look.

Long necklaces and haar is an embodiment of feminity as it is one of the most versatile piece of jewellery that one can ever come across. It includes range of necklaces from over-sized pendants to chunky chains to little charms that can be worn for any occasion. It is considered to be a finishing touch to any look especially an traditional look.

You can a choker necklaces with one sleek long necklace can definitely elevate your overall look. Long necklaces especially haars are quite common within the Asian culture as it is a part of their tradition. Women especially brides tend to wear it on their big day as their bridal look is incomplete without a statement matching necklace with their dress. 

Long necklaces can be made of different metal or semi-precious stones as it depends on the bride. The necklaces are chosen carefully as they need to compliment the dress one is wearing on their wedding day. 

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