Anklets and Payal

We see the feet as a place for only shoes, but why stop there. Originating in South Asia and common in India, anklets give your feet a feel of somewhere more important than a place for shoes and slippers. Just a simple anklet can turn up your looks, giving you essence and class all the way.

We love to accessorise in every way possible and some women do not need any occasion to do so as it is a part of their everyday routine. Why not aye?

The common pieces of jewellery that can be worn on everyday basis include anklets and bracelets as they tend to compliment both western and traditional attires considering they come in numerous designs. 

Whilst anklets have been around for many years they are still worn in indian traditional events and now even with western attire creating a fusion look. 

Ways to Style Anklets

Anklets are one piece of accessory that can be worn anytime for any occasion as it is available in different designs and styles that can match your festive needs. For instance, if someone is planning to wear western attire then they can wear anklets that have some sort of a shine or multi coloured bead work as it tends to compliment their overall look.  

Similarly, with eastern attire the anklets can be huge with big stones embedded in them as it serves the purpose perfectly then. 

Many women wear anklets on both ankles especially women who follow the eastern culture as it is a part of the traditions they follow. However, it is not necessary to wear it on both. One can decide for themselves if they wish to wear it on the right or on the left ankle. 

Best Anklet Styles to Follow

Numerous anklet trends have emerged over the years. However, there are a few that became more famous than other ones. They are listed below:

The latest trend that is being followed widely is that of chain anklets as they are versatile and look quite simple. They can be paired up with casual attires and in order to make them look more appealing people tend to pair them up with beads or pendant anklets.

The most luxurious and exquisite form of anklet is a crystal anklet as it offers a unique balance of minimal design with crystal work embedded in between. The crystal anklet adds an extravagant touch to your overall look.

Layered anklet is another trend that is gaining popularity. It is mostly worn by influencers or models with their everyday outfits and attires. Layered anklets have different designs that can blend in seamlessly with both festive and casual attires.

Beaded anklets add a casual and playful touch to your overall look. They are designed keeping in mind that they are going to be worn with casual attire. It is a perfect accessory that can be paired with your summer look as it is usually colourful which adds a perfect touch to your overall look.