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Indian Bridal Jewellery Store in Australia

Inspired by the bold essence of fashion straight out of India, Jewellery by Alirah is a label that’s passionate about eclectic, one-of-a-kind pieces. Each of our designs is carefully crafted to meet the specific needs of our customers, and aimed at showcasing the artistic flair of our iconic culture.

Put the finishing touches on your outfit – from weddings and ceremonies, through to special occasions or everyday dazzle – with our diverse collection of Indian jewellery online. Shipping across Australia, we craft our pieces with attention-to-detail that gives us our distinct name in the industry, delivering your special design directly to your door.

From Sydney to Melbourne – our creations are treasured across Australia

Our designers have been busy working on new concepts to add to our collection, expanding our brand into the elegant, sophisticated label it is today.

Discover awe-inspiring pieces that reflect your personal taste, combined with the careful details needed to truly embrace your vision. From accessories through to unique earrings, head-turning headpieces and full sets – our Indian bridal, costume jewellery and rings is a nod to this world of extravagant creations.

Brides, Family, Friends and Fun

Our customer base is made up of people who belong to different backgrounds and walk of life hence our main aim is to create a piece for everyone. Our statement collection and jewellery pieces can be worn by a bride to be, bridemaids, groomsmen and guests attending the wedding. We have something for everyone and our ultimate goal is to make sure that each client is highly satisfied with what we offer them in the form of beautiful and alluring crafts.

Browse our range online to see what gems are made just for you! Our diverse collection is available to be shipped out throughout Australia hence no matter how early or late your function is, grab your favourite pieces now before it is too late. We would be more than happy to see our customers flaunting the designs we created with care and love.

Meet our Customers

See what our many customers say about their individual pieces. They’re the special people behind our brand, and we’re proud to see their Alirah designs in action.

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Discover all of Jewellery by Alirah’s wonders here. Shop our entire collection online with shipping available throughout Australia.

Need Inspiration or Guidance?

Browse through our blog for easy reads on how to achieve the perfect look. Alternatively, get in touch with our team now for guidance and assistance. We’re always more than happy to help.

Need a custom jewellery design?

Cant find the perfect Indian set? Find out how we can help with a custom piece, made just for you!
Send through your inspiration and we will help you bring them to life. Sure to have you in awe at your next event.

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Our Antique Jewellery and Custom Designs

Indian Jewellery is known famously for its strong connection with Indian traditions and culture that go side by side. The jewellery is passed on from one set of generation to another hence there is a lot of sentimental value and emotions attached to every piece. Women in India are fond of wearing heavy pieces on every occasion as that is a strong representation of the tradition they tend to follow. The pieces are adorned with heavy stones and hence the delicate and intricate pieces are loved by many all across the globe.

The Team working behind Jewellery by Alirah strongly believes that the customer should know about each and every piece as that is going to help prevent any sort of malpractices that exist in running this business. The jewellery designs are a unique yet a beautiful blend of traditional and contemporary designs that can be worn for many years to come.

Jewellery by Alirah provides a platform to clients where they can come forward and make their imagination a part of their reality by designing the pieces they always dreamed of wearing. Send us a request of the design that you have been looking for and our team will get back to you to assist you in turning out your creativity and developing a statement piece for you.

We will help you add a traditional touch to your design so that it continues to inspire the generations to come. Let your designs come to life if you cannot find the perfect Indian set for yourself. Let your mind do the talking.