How do I Choose Indian Bridal Jewellery?

How do I Choose Indian Bridal Jewellery?

Every girl’s dream is to look regal on their wedding day. From the bridal dress to jewellery to trousseau shopping, a bride wants everything to be on point. Your wedding dress is the main highlight of the event but it’s incomplete without the perfect jewellery. From heavy jewellery to sophisticated yet subtle bridal ornament, we’ve come a long way. The lesser the better is the motto of Indian women. When you’re selecting your bridal jewellery, you need to choose it smartly so you can re-use it later in the future.

Here are some of the handful pointers to help you guide through the process of buying bridal jewellery:

1. The wedding dress should match with the Indian Jewellery

Most brides prefer to buy a bridal lehenga first before opting for jewellery. You can also do the opposite.  Instead of choosing trendy, go for a timeless piece that you can cherish in the long-run. Diamonds are girl’s best friend and you can never go wrong with ornaments beautifully embellished with diamonds.

Diamonds and gemstones can go hand in hand to create exotic jewellery that speaks royalty. Pearls and stones can easily stand out and accentuate the entire look. If you want to go for a traditional look, polki or Kundan jewellery should be your go-to ornament. Remember, your lehenga and your selected bridal jewellery should go in sync together.

2. Don’t go overboard, go with what makes your comfortable

Unleash the inner princess on your big day by customizing a complete bridal set that consists of a necklace, bangles, matha tikka or Patti, Naat, and earrings. Make sure you don’t go extra as if you’ve gone on a shopping haul. If you decide to wear a matha pati, go for a choker-style necklace instead of 2-3 layered necklaces. Likewise, if you’re going for a lighter headpiece like matha tika, your necklace should be your style statement.

3. Check your neckline

You should choose Indian bridal jewellery that complements your neckline. If your blouse has a scoop neckline, you can easily rock a collar choker that perfectly mimics the style of your neckline. All eyes will be on your necklace! For a V-neckline, long necklaces can easily draw the attention of the audience. 

You can go for a rani haar having single or multiple layers. To top off the look, you can add a choker!

4. Bridal Jewellery should be according to your face shape

One of the crucial factors that most people ignore: your facial shape. Everyone has a distinguishing face shape and different jewellery designs suit according to your face type.

For a round-shaped face, long layered necklaces will look the best along with long earrings. Brides having oval-shaped faces have nothing to fret about since they can try out a versatile range of bridal jewellery. Any size of earrings or hoops can go seamlessly well with your face cuts.

If you’ve got a rectangular-shaped face, you can carry a choker-style necklace with confidence and pair it with soft earrings to complete the look.

Lastly, when you come across a wide range of designs, choose bridal jewellery in which you feel completely comfortable with as you’re going to wear it for long hours. 


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