How Is Kundan Made and Why Do They Vary In Price?

How Is Kundan Made and Why Do They Vary In Price?

Indain Brides want to glam up on their wedding day in the most traditional manner possible as they wish to create a regal and royal look. The most common option that majority of the brides consider is getting a Kundan bridal jewellery set as it compliments all sorts of dresses.

Kundan Jewellery takes us back to the Mughal Era as it reminds us of the timeless charm and beauty. The jewellery pieces look exquisite as uncut stones or diamonds are used which looks quite classy. 

However, one might notice a change in the prices of different sets mainly because there are two types of Kundan jewellery.

The other type is Polki jewellery and many people believe that they Kundan and polka are same. In reality, they are different from each other as polki sets are made mainly from uncut diamonds whereas Kundan sets are made entirely of glass stones.

 How is Kundan made?

Kundan Jewellery is made up of 24k gold, which is refined as it goes through an intense process, in which a lot of hours and skills are involved. 

During the process, the gold is melted in order to create the base on which the design is going to be created. The melted gold is used in such a manner that an edge can be given to the pieces of glass and gemstones that are being used. After the base is created Meenakari is added to give a stunning look and to make the piece much more valuable than it already is. 

However, there is this perception amongst the people that Kundan jewellery is expensive but in reality it is not as the actual content of gold used is very less as compared to the regular gold jewellery that is being made by different jewellery designers.

The Kundan jewellery designs emphasizes mainly on the gemstones and glasses that are incorporated into every design. There is quite a demand for Kundan Stone jewellery and hence accessible across the globe.  


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