What are American Diamonds?

What are American Diamonds?

As the famous saying goes, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, as the stone is not only classic and timeless but it is something that a woman is going to cherish for the rest of her life even if she owns a single piece.

Most of the women get diamonds as a part of their heritage and hence it holds immense sentimental value for them. However, as new innovations and technologies are being introduced one can definitely question whether all diamonds are real or not.

There are diamonds that are being made inside a lab and they are most commonly known as American diamond or Cubic Zirconia. 

 Ways to Identify American Diamonds

The most difficult part while purchasing a diamond is to identify whether it is real or not. There are certain ways in which people can easily identify American diamonds. They are as follows:

  1. American diamonds are made inside a lab hence they are not going to be as tough as the real ones. The American diamonds are less durable and they tend to get scratches on them easily. If you wear it every day and for a long period of time then the finishing will have a considerable impact on its overall appearance. 
  2. Furthermore, the weight of the two diamonds also varies as the cubic zirconia diamonds are slightly more heavy but not as heavy as the real ones. However, it is not that easy to identify the two diamonds or point out the real or lab grown one. 
  3. Many jewellery designers that are selling real diamonds often provide their customers with a certificate. The certificate is what makes the diamonds more credible. 
  1. Another way is to carry out a fog test under which the person can use the breath of their mouth to determine whether the diamond fogs up or not. Real diamonds are not going to fog up whereas American diamonds tend to haze up for a certain amount of time. 
  2. It is pointed out by the jewellers a lot of time that the edges of real diamonds are sharp enough to cut something. They are highly durable and polished which further enhances their overall look and beauty. Whereas, cubic zirconia has very soft and brittle edges which tends to deteriorate as people wear them. 
  3. The most important determining factor is the price difference between the two. Real diamonds are very expensive and hence may not be feasible for everyone.
  4. Whereas, American diamonds are very cheap and affordable. The price of the real diamonds is determined by the color, clarity and even the overall carat weight. 

If people are willing to make a jewellery piece that they wish to wear just one time, then they should definitely go for the American diamonds as it is going to be much more cost effective.

For most costume jewellery American Diamonds are used to provide customers with a designer look without the price tag. This is great as for some, the jewellery pieces are worn on special occasions. 


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