What is Meenakari Jewellery?

What is Meenakari Jewellery?

Meenakari jewellery is one of the unique Indian traditional jewellery that sets the bar high when it comes to bridal ornaments. It’s adorned on the necks of Indian brides to give a divine look. The meenakari ornament never goes out of fashion statement because the intricate design, stone embellishments, and kaleidoscopic colors make it stand out amongst other forms of modern jewellery.

What’s special about Indian Jewellery is it’s handcrafted by versatile and creative Indian artisans and it beautifully displays the sentiments of a woman. If you’re interested in knowing more about meenakari jewellery, read on as we delve deep into the history of regal jewellery and why it is popular.

History of Meenakari Jewellery

Meenakari is derived from the Persian word Meena or Mino which means paradise in Persian whereas Kari means to place something on top of an object. The art of Meenakari was founded by Raja Man Singh of Mewa. Credit goes to him for making Jaipur the center of Meenakari production and bringing excellent Indians craftsmen who were experts in designing Meenakari jewellery. Soon after, the demand of the traditional jewellery increased in local and international trade markets and ever since, the jewellery is common in use by brides and celebrities in India.

About Meenakari Art

The Jaipur artisans possessed the skill of designing Meenakari ornaments. Each part of the jewellery piece is designed and filled with colors, which is then further heated so that the color doesn’t fade away from the base metal. Gold, silver, and copper are commonly used as the base. For applying different colors, the process of designing, heating, and cooling is repeated. Once the whole process is completed, the jewellery is dipped in chemicals to give a glossy look and long-lasting effect. Stones are used for decorating the piece and unique enamel colors are added for an ethereal look. Some of the common motifs of the jewellery include parrots, flowers, fish, leaves, and peacocks.

Types of Meenakari Jewellery

The two most popular types of Meenakari jewellery are Pachrangi Meena and Ek Rang Khula. Based on the combination of colors, various types of Meenakari ornaments are available in the market.

  1. Pachrangi Meena

Pachrangi Meena makes use of 5 color palette which includes red, green, white, and two shades of blue contrasted with silver and gold base. The use of such vibrant colors adds to the beauty of the jewellery and can complement your attire for any occasion.

  1. Ek Rang Khula Meena

This type of Meenakari art uses a single color for the design of the jewellery. Another type under the same category is called khula Meena which amalgamates 4 natural colors: red, green, blue, and white. The colored enamel is added to the golden base and you’ll notice the shine of the color on the base.

  1. Gulabi Meena

Also known as binarsi Meena, the Gulabi meena style of the jewellery is also popular amongst celebrities and brides who are looking for the perfect matching ornament that goes with their bridal dress. The main enamel color that is used is pink along with the hint of other complimentary colors and Kundan embellishment.

The size, design, and finishing of the Meenakari Jewellery determine the final price of the piece. If it’s done in gold enamel, the price will be higher. If you’re thinking of buying Meenakari Jewellery, go for silver enameled or glass design. All-in-all, it’s worth investing in.


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