How is Indian Jewellery is designed and Crafted?

How is Indian Jewellery is designed and Crafted?


If there is a place with a lot of heritage and culture, it is India, and if you have ever stumbled upon an Indian movie which I know you have, then you would have noticed the rich array of jewellery as well. With so much essence drafted into the Indian style of making jewellery, we are going to be taking a look at the ways these pieces are made.

With numerous styles suited to different regions of the country alongside different values and intricacies, you would be thrilled by how these jewellery are made. Before we begin, you have to understand that gold is an important part of the Indian culture making it one of the most important elements in the crafting process.

So, without any more delay, let’s get into the crafting process.


Filigree is an artistic styling which is achieved by twisting delicate metal into creative designs and patterns. This Indian style of jewellery making is not popular just for the craftmanship but the delicate and fragile appearance.

Most of the Indian jewellery that is designed using this method because most of the best Indian Jewellery make use of this method because the careful twisting is an essential part of many of the cultures in India.

The Meenakari Technique

The Meenakari technique is another essential part of Indian jewellery crafting. This style is mostly used as a decorative process for the undersides of the Kundan jewellery as well as the major technique for major regions of India like the Rajasthan region.

Many of the stylists and artisans who understand the Meenakari technique can combine beautiful colours into the metal material used for the crafting process in India.

Most Meenakari jewellery has detailed enamel work done mostly on the underside. This is because people have this jewellery worn on their skin and since most people have skins which are sensitive to these metals, this is an essential part of the jewellery making process.

Bottom Line

For most of the techniques used in making Indian jewellery, one of the most important things to consider it the fact that beauty and time put into these techniques. Many of them are hand made and having an understanding of the basic technique such as these would require that the rest would be left to the experience and creativity of the artisan who makes it.

Indian jewellery has also been industrialised due to the increase in demand globally and even with the little beginnings of this glory filled jewellery collection, it is something that is sought by the world today.

If for any reason you want to have an understanding of Indian jewellery, you would have to make sure that you realise these techniques. They are simple and stylish but take years to perfect, but we can say that the industrial revolution has taken this culture to greater heights making it a global phenomenon.


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